The Rules:

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The Rules:

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:26 am


1. No RDM! (Duh!)

2. Detectives do not command others around. Your job is to detect not order people around.

3. If someone says to shoot them or is T baiting, you may kill them.

4. No cheats, hacks, aimbots, etc.

5. Respect the staff! If staff members are abusing privileges please take a screenshot or video and post it to the correct category on the forum.

6. Do not ask for admin/moderator. We will have a application coming out soon once more people join the forums.

7. I do not care if you use foul language but keep in mind others can be offended. If someone says stop please respect that.

8. Just be nice to others! Here at Trouble In Da Terror Town we try to keep our community as friendly as possible for a better experience to new players as well as our regulars!


1st offence is a 1 round slay and a warning.
2nd offence is a 2 round slay and one more warning.
3rd offence is a ban for 24 hours
4th offence if it comes to this is a perma ban on both server and forum. No appeal will be accepted.

Cheats, Hacks, Aimbots, etc:
1st offence is ban for 48 hours
2nd offence is perma ban on both server and forum.

Disrespecting Staff:
Staff has the right to do whatever they feel is necessary up to a 48 hour ban.

Staff Power Abuse
1st offence is a derank to a lower level until I deem you worthy of being part of the staff again. 24 hour Forum ban
2nd offence is a permanent derank to guest in the server and on the forums.

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